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GoPress & Foil machine

Manufacturer #:9332839052716

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  • Add foil to chipboard, cardstock, ribbon and more. The machine has a heating unit that warms to 90 degrees. Open cover and place a metal shim on the heated platform 30 seconds to 1 minute. Add foil colored side down and a little larger than the item to be foil. Add the chipboard, close cover, slide platform from heating unit and run through a die-cutting machine. Open cover for a beautifully foiled chipboard. Wafer thin dies or hotfoil stamps can also be used. Place the die or stamp without a shim on the heated platform for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, cover with foil colored side down and cut close to the size of the stamp or die, cover with cardstock or other material. Close cover of platform, remove from heating unit and run through die-cutting machine. Peel off extra foil to reveal design. Box includes: base, hotplate heating platform, silicone surface protector mat, Pick n' Lift 3 in 1 Magic tool, silver and gold foil sample pack and instruction book.

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